Minimum payout - when and why

March 30, 2019, by Admin

Hello, Faucetify Members!

The minimum payout will be changed in these cases:

  1. If there are enough ads to reach a higher payout
  2. If there is a low amount of ads the minimum will be lower


For example, in case 1: 76 ads, making a total of 791 satoshi - the minimum will be 5000 satoshi.

For example, in case 2: 12 ads, making a total of 174 satosish - the minimum will be less than 1000 satoshis.


We made this for you, because if there will be only 12 ads and the minimum 5000 satoshi it's gonna be hard to reach that amount for withdraw. 


For any questions, feel free to contact our team: [email protected]